Netcam Watcher Professional 1.8


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Netcam Watcher Professional is a Digital Video Recorder for Network Cameras that can record from multiple cameras simultaneously.The faster the system, the higher the overall frame rate that you will be able to Record up to 30 frames per second from multiple cameras simultaneously.Motion detection saves hard disk space by only recording action, not endless empty frames.Easily reconfigurable display lets you keep an eye on as many cameras as you like. Masked motion detection allows precise control over frame recording and alarms, so you can block outthe moving trees or people walking past the window.Use Netcam Watcher Remote Control to view your cameras and recordings from anywhere.Cameras can operate according to easily defined Schedules (e.g. oOffice Hourso). You can for instance monitor during the day and record on motion at night.Alarms can also be enabled according to schedulesE-mail image when Alarm occurs, so you can see if it s your cat or an intruder.FTP last image or last alarm to a remote host. Images can then be viewed from anywhere in the world.Patrol Function can move camera to different locations on schedule.Automatic Backup lets you save your configuration and images on a regular basis.Disk Space Management optionally overwrites old archived images to allow for continuous operation, so you can keep the last few days or weeks action. You can also archive recordings before overwriting.CamBar lets you keep a subset of cameras on screen at all times while you work on other things.Print utility allows multiple images per page to be printed; ideal for presenting evidence.Built-in MJPEG player lets you view recorded images and display each framels timestamp, so you can pinpoint the time of particular events.Convert recorded MJPEG files to AVI format so that recordings can be played by Windows Media Player or most browsers.Image Enhancer for poor quality or lighting.Search recordings and display motion graphically

Systems: Windows

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